Chicago Early Learning
digital toolkit


Training videos to improve the marketing, outreach, and communication efforts of your agency.


Engage new and existing parents in your community digitally or in-person. We’ve compiled outreach strategies for your agency to reference to build upon full enrollment year over year, one family at a time.


Social media and digital marketing strategies and resources to better connect with more Chicago families.

Marketing Resources

Here are some best practices to consider to support your digital and traditional marketing efforts. Complete with a comprehensive social media toolkit and a tool to create a custom flyer for your agency. 

The Chicago Early Learning Digital Toolkit is designed to provide agencies with the resources you need to help your organization achieve full enrollment.

Included are the tools, guides, marketing materials, and best practices for connecting with parents, community members, and agency stakeholders.

News & Updates

Order Custom Material

Prepare for this year's citywide early learning recruitment season! Get custom recruitment materials for your program. Request your custom agency-branded marketing materials when you sign your agency up for recruitment kits. Custom materials will feature your agency's info and branding. A banner and flyers are also available in an additional language upon request.


Answering families CEL questions on WhatsApp

Do your families have early learning application questions? Encourage them to contact us by sending us a message on WhatsApp!


Chicago PrE-Learning

Remote learning activities and resources all in one place for early learners, their families, and early educators in Chicago. Families will also be able to access free e-learning tools, and resources to get the at-home educational support they need in English and Spanish.